Roohani Ishq – A Film By Sandeep Malik | Release Date | Roohani Ishq Trailer – 


Roohani Ishq – A Film By Sandeep Malik | Release Date | Trailer – 


For all Sandeep malik fans out there, this article is substantially for you. Sandeep Malik’s fame two Bollywood movies Roohani Ishq and Khali Lifafa are about to release soon.

Sandeep Malik’s most anticipated film Roohani Ishq is prepared for theatrical unleashes before long. Umesh Kaushik’s starer film could be a recent story and is touted to own a very new take from the producer on romance.


The director of Roohani Ishq is Yogesh Mishra. And is produced by Sandeep malik with star casting Umesh Kaushik and cinematography done by Vinay Tyagi under the Sundays with Sandy Telefilms production house.


Roohani Ishq is basically a romance genre film with the tagline Ho Bhi Jata To Kya Tha. This movie basically originated in India and is available in the Hindi language with Noida, and Uttar Pradesh as filming locations.  Roohani Ishq is a romantic film that unites Umesh and Sandeep for the primary time.

A very good emotional film based on real life . रूहानी इश्क एक कंट्रोवर्शियल इमोशनल लव स्टोरी है | फिल्मों को संदीप मलिक द्वारा उनके द्वारा खुद निर्मित हैं योगेश कुमार मिश्रा फिल्मों के डायरेक्टर हैं और विनय त्यागी डीओपी हैं।

Music producer Umesh Kaushik are seen enjoying a student’s role in the film. Hailing from Jattari, the city of Aligarh town, Umesh Kaushik, is the founding father of Soni Ram Music Company.

Roohani Ishq centres on the theme of romance, and it’ll mark the acting debut of Tanya Lal, Anjali Rana, Shorya Goswami, Daivik Khanna, and Kunal Keen among others within the lead roles.

Umesh Kaushik is a music producer who began his filmy career in 2019 as a music producer and owner of the well-known recording label ‘Soni Ram Music’. He later became an author and commenced his book two Stories: The Book by Umesh Kaushik.

The book was launched in 2021. once manufacturing his music, Umesh is prepared to form his debut film beneath Sundays under the banner of Sandy Telefilms. The film is termed ‘Roohani Ishq.’ The picture taking of the film can begin on February 18th in Noida and bigger Noida in Uttar Pradesh.

The film relies on the romance of faculty life and leads Sandeep Malik, Tanya Lal, Anjali Rana, Shorya Goswami, Daivik Khanna and Kunal Keen leading.

The film features a few nice songs and can be entered in March next year. chatting with the young conductor regarding his expertise performing on Roohani Ishq, he same “Roohani Ishq can forever be a special film because it was for the primary time, but the film was discharged late and sadly the film came out at the same time that is why Roohani Ishq was shot dead in Noida and Delhi.

Throughout the primary internment, there have been several stories of Sandeep Malik’s love that I had detected from the producer. Roohani Ishq tells us a story regarding such characters who have been romantically involved in such a call and what happens within the past within the film moves us to like.

Roohani Ishq is directed by Yogesh K Mishra and Vinay Tyagi is the photography director. “The story of Roohani Ishq revolves around the professor who is in deep love. And the basic storyline of the movie is that love is beyond any limits, and if you are really in love with someone then don’t repeat the mistakes showcased by the professor in the movie”, said Sandeep Malik.


Whereas “Khali Lifafa showcases an emotional story of true mother’s love for her child”, said Sandeep Malik in an interview. Which star castes Sandeep Malik as a lead actor. Khali Lifafa is directed by Yogesh K Mishra and Vinay Tyagi is the director of photography.

Produced, written and lead role is played by Sandeep Malik itself.


Khali Lifafa revolves around the story of a mother’s love, whose intention is to make all of us aware of the importance of parents in our life no matter how rich and how successful we become, we always need their blessings.

The great news for the fans of famous YouTuber Sandeep Malik is that he is also about to start a Sunday with Sandy Academy in the upcoming future to hunt talented candidates, nurture them and accept them.

We all know that Sandeep Malik created Sandeep Malik Telefilms during the lockdown due to coronavirus disease in April 2020 with the motive That, “when one thing unexpected can occur in your life, wise or unhealthy, it’s OK if it throws you off your game. If it’s favourable, enjoyment of the fun and joy this unexpected event brought you. we have to relish the good things that happen and supply them the time. Don’t merely brush them away, celebrate them. once unhealthy things happen, do the only you may with the hand you’ve been dealt. Face despite challenges has rocked your world with strength and courage. you are durable. you are brave. you may handle despite the situation you discover yourself in and are continuously able to facilitate others”.


Sundays With Sandy’s vision and Mission is to produce answers to our client issues to the simplest of our capability and resources offered. Also, Sundays With Sandy Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd has plans to set up a non-profit organisation to assist the poor and weak community.

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Roohani Ishq - A Film By Sandeep Malik | Release Date | Trailer